Aluminium slugs production and supply

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About project

LLC «InKomPro» is innovation, commerce, production!

Company’s History

In 1995, even before the establishing of LLC "InKomPro", its specialists participated in the creation of slug’s production at JSC "Folgoprokatnyi zavod”.

LLC "InKomPro" was founded in 2002 in St. Petersburg, and became the first company in Russia since 2002, promoting the domestic and international market of Russian slug’s production.

We are not afraid to be the first and certainly be the best!

We can offer you a full package of commercial and technical services in the production and supply of aluminum slugs, cylinders and tubes:

The basic services

  • sale of new and used equipment for the production of aluminum slugs, tubes and monoblocks; 
  • technical and technological consulting of aluminum slugs, tubes and monoblocks production;
  • supply of aluminum tubes and slugs; 
  • supply of coatings for aluminum cylinders and tubes

The geography of equipment deliveries 

Experience in export and regional supply allows our specialists to sell slugs all over the world.

The advantages

  • years of experience and knowledge of the market; 
  • cohesive and professional team of technical and commercial specialists production of aluminum slugs, tubes and monoblocks; 
  • personal approach to each client; 
  • integrated solutions; 
  • good services.

If you are interested in what we do, please, contact us and we will certainly cooperate!