Aluminium slugs production and supply

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«InKomPro» company – is your reliable supplier of high quality A7 aluminum slugs for tubes and aerosol cans production

«InKomPro» LLC was founded in 2002 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and became the first company promoting high quality aluminium slugs produced in Russia in the domestic and international market.

We are glad to offer you the complete package of commercial and technical services in the area of aluminum slugs’ production and delivery. Working with "InKomPro" LLC you get the product directly from the manufacturer at no additional charge.

  • The main aim of our company – customer care and cooperation to improve the efficiency of our slugs usage.
  • Our advantages – flexible price policy, providing the best price on the market with high quality products required and an individual approach to any customer. We provide our permanent customers with installment payment. We are ready to deliver aluminum slugs on the terms of Letter of credit.
  • Special features of slugs produced – in slugs production we use only primary and high-purity aluminum A7 (99,7%) without adding of any processed products, secondary raw materials and chemical admixtures, which allows to use our slugs for the tubes production of the highest quality.

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Technical specialists of our company have a big experience in production of aluminum slugs’ products (aluminum tubes, aerosol cans, monoblocks). Our practical knowledge of specifics of tube and aerosol production allows us to choose the slug of the most suitable type and size for your request.

More info on technical characteristics of aluminum slugs produced

In the manufacturing process of aluminum slugs we use high-accuracy equipment made in Germany. The equipment of our workshop allows to produce slugs of different types and sizes.

Constant modernization of the equipment allows to increase production capacity and to meet growing demand.

The quality of our product is confirmed by quality management system certification for compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001.

Experience in export and regional supply allows the sale of slugs worldwide. We are not afraid to be the first, and certainly will be the best!

Responsible manager: Oksana
Phone: 8 812 462 81 81