Aluminium slugs production and supply

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Perforated tape from high-purity aluminum A7

Material: high-purity aluminum, 99.7% of the brand A7

The size of tape:

  • tape thickness: 3.5 - 10 mm.
  • width: 192 mm.
  • diameter of the hole: 19 - 45 mm.

Perforated aluminum strip formed in the process of punching a slug from aluminum strip with technical purity of 99.7%.

Perfectly round holes are arranged symmetrically on the tape, so you can use it in the construction industry (reinforcement, decoration of facades), processing industry (sorting of bulk materials), in agriculture, engineering (protection of components and assemblies) and other applications. The tape has a high degree of corrosion resistance, so you can use it in heavy-duty conditions.

Our company is ready to become a reliable supplier of perforated tape for your production. By purchasing brand aluminum A7 in our company, you get certified products of the highest quality.

Perforated tape can be supplied in rolls or dimensional segments of any length and in any quantity.

Discounts depend on the volume of delivery and payment terms.

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