Aluminium slugs production and supply

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«InKomPro» on RosUpack 2017«InKomPro» on RosUpack 2017

On behalf of the company «InKomPro» we would like to invite You to visit our booth at the international exhibition of the packaging industry RosUpack 2017. During the exhibition we will present new machines from our catalog of equipment.

New in stock: Bonmart line for PE tubes productionNew in stock: Bonmart line for PE tubes production

Production line is completed with all necessary equipment and it allows to produce plastic tubes. Tooling for 35, 40 and 50 mm are included.

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About project

Aluminium slug is a ingot for the production of aluminium tubes, cans and cylinders.

We can offer you a full package of commercial and technical services in the production and supply of aluminium slugs, cylinders and tubes. The equipment of our production allows produce different sizes of slugs. We use high-purity aluminum 99.7% for production of the A7 slugs.

The main objective of "InKomPro" is taking care of our client, working together to improve the efficiency of using our slugs. Our advantage is giving the customer the best prices in the market and high quality products and services.

Based on the specific parameters and tube or bottle, we will help you choose the most suitable type and size of slugs, and based on the existing set of equipment - the optimum level of slugs’ processing.